PCC-CERT is currently looking to begin cooperation with auditors well versed in the following systems:

–  ISO 9001
–  ISO 14001
– ISO 45001


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PCC-Cert – Accredited ISO Certification Company

PCC-Cert provides certification to a wide range of management systems since 2001.
We take pride in ensuring all of our clients, be it small home businesses or large, international companies, receive a satisfactory service.
We remain grateful to all the customers that chose to employ our services – amongst them those that had been with us from the very beginning.

PCC-Cert possesses branch offices outside of the country.
We are constantly expanding and growing, providing certification services also to customers outside of Poland.
As a consequence, many companies and organizations from the entirety of Europe can be found on our client referential lists.

PCC-Cert is accredited by the PCA No. AC 082 (www.pca.gov.pl).
Certifications issued by PCC-Cert are recognized in Europe and the world in accordance to global agreements MLA / MRA (www.iaf.nu; www.european-accreditation.org ), as stated in the rule of „certified once, universally accepted”.
Our customers receive certificates bearing the connected trademarks of IAF MLA/ PCA.

We at PCC-Cert pride ourselves in operating in accordance with the principles of
professionalism, punctuality, flexibility, individuality and fair price.
Many years of experience and knowledge allow us to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. The high quality of our services, professionalism of our auditors and the usefulness of
our reports concerning audit records are widely appreciated and respected.

We encourage you to cooperate with us!
The PCC-Cert Team

We are pleased to announce that 02.09.2014 the Polish Certification Centre PCC-CERT Ltd signed a contract
for the financing of the Export Development Plan in accordance with the Innovative Economy Operative Program, 2007 – 2013.
(6.1. Paszport do eksportu, O| Priorytetowa 6)

Grants for Innovation. We are investing in your future.

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