PCC-Cert – accredited certification services at the highest level

PCC-Cert provides professional certification of the following management systems:certyfikacja system.

PCC-Cert certifies integrated management systems, which reduces costs.
We also conduct certification transfers from other accredited certification bodies.

The success of a company depends on many factors. One of them is most definitely comprehensive management, one remaining in accordance with the international ISO standards.
More and more often organizations, wishing to strengthen their position in the market, decide on the implementation and certification of new management systems.
In only the year 2002 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) estimated the number of issued quality management
system certificates to reach over half a million. The trend remains continously upward.

The benefits of possessing a certified management system:

✓ raising the company’s credibility in the market
✓ prestige, something distinguishing the company, something that builds a better, more positive image among the partners and customers both domestically and internationally
✓ having a more consistent, logical and comprehensive way of managing the company
✓ a bigger chance of being chosen during tenders, of concluding contracts, etc.
✓ motivation to work for the customer is something that makes the company even more attractive

Organizations with standardized management systems, validated by accredited certification bodies like PCC-Cert, are more efficient, more profitable and more attractive to both current and future customers.


“To acquire a certificate is an important thing, but yet another important thing is to keep it.”
The CEO of KGHM on the occasion of acquiring a PCC-Cert certificate, June 2011

The road to acquiring a certificate
There are typically three stages of acquiring a certificate, beginning with us presenting the certification offer and both involved parties concluding the contract, through a documentation review and an audit of the reviewed company, to finally conclude with the issuing of the certificate.

To sustain the validity of the certificate it is necessary to perform a surveillance audit once per year, and after three years a recertification audit takes place. Thanks to this system the continuity of the certification is preserved.

To download:

Our documents – rules of certification: CC-IN1, CC-IN2,