Additional credibility for your company

We at PCC-Cert would like to offer you a certification:
The Payment Management System “Reliable Payer” and the Mobbing Prevention System “A No-Mobbing Company”.

Possessing a “Reliable Payer” certification is a reliable information for your customers about your company’s strong points and upsides, which they might have not known before. It is well worth it to improve the company’s opinion in the public eye – it is one of the factors upon which hinges the success of a business.

The Payment Management System

Your company is a reliable payer.
It pays to have others find out about it.

znak cert PCC-SZP-SP-F

The “Reliable Payer” system is a solution dedicated to both organizations and personal customers, as it is constructed to adapt to simplified, personal accounting as well as company-based accounts.

A honest and reliable cooperator is a valued business partner. Having this certification means that your company also meets the time frame if it comes down to employee-based responsibilities, which builds their trust and offers them a honest sense of security. If your company is a reliable payer, it is well worth it to make it known outside of the company – and this certification is a great way to do so.

The benefits of working in accordance with the SZP-SP standards are:

✓ improvement of your control over your finances
✓ reduction of the costs associated with overdue obligations
✓ a bigger chance of finalizing agreements, contracts, leases, credits, etc.
✓ building more constructive relationships with suppliers, customers and employees
✓ a way to positively distinguish your company and to build its reputation.

Having a certified Payment Management System “Reliable Payer” is a confirmation that the company is financially credible.



The Mobbing Prevention System
“A No-Mobbing Company” (SPM)

Your company is employee-friendly.
It pays off!

znak cert PCC-SPM-MOB

The employer, as stated in the Labor Code, is legally obliged to fight and discourage mobbing. Regardless of whether the mobber is a higher-up, a co-worker or someone from outside of the workplace environment(eg. customers), it is the employer who is responsible for taking care of bullying cases.

Mobbing is a long term and continous action against an employee(harassment, intimidation etc.). Its effect is the lowering of the employee’s own assessment of his professional usefulness, humiliating him, ridiculing him and excluding him from the team.
SPM provides a chance to eliminate mobbing from your company before it can become a legal issue, and if it does become an issue – it can be proof that the company has complied with its obligations.
Investing in a good atmosphere in your company is always a good choice, as a happy crew does a better job of satisfying the customers.

The benefits of working in accordance with the SMP standards are:

✓ prevention of losses arising from absenteeism, low productivity etc.
✓ reduction of the lawsuit risk and the ensuing costs (compensations)
✓ being prepared for such a system becoming mandatory
✓ raising the overall culture of the organization to a new, higher level.

Having a certified Mobbing Prevention System “A No-Mobbing Company” is a confirmation that the employer faithfully fulfills his obligations originating from the Labor Code and that the company is interested in building a constructive and friendly working environment.