Safety for your food and the consument

The implementation of HACCP is a necessity for the companies of the food industry, having been implemented in order to maintain security and hygiene.
Ever since the first of May, 2004, HACCP is a mandatory system of control in the food industry. Food processing and food trading companies are required by law to use the system. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) allows the company to identify and avoid potential risks in the process of production and distribution of food. Prior to the implementation of HACCP, it is necessary to follow the rules of the GMP and the GHP(respectively, Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Hygiene Practice). The goal is to create proper hygienic conditions for safe food production.

The benefits of acting in accordance with the HACCP standards:

✓ constant supervision and control over every single stage of production
✓ eliminating any possibility of food contamination
✓ reduction of production losses
✓ monitoring the entire food supply chain
✓ meeting the mandatory requirements

Possessing a certified Occupational Health and Safety of Food Management System, like HACCP,
is a confirmation that the company provides healthy, safe products.

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