PCC-Cert – an accredited certification body operating in accordance with the highest standards.

Our Accreditation Certificate

Our professionalism at PCC-Cert has been confirmed by an accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation.
We are authorized by the PCA to conduct certification of the following management systems:

  • Quality: ISO 9001
  • Environmental: ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health and Safety: ISO 45001


We are the official representative of LMS Certification Ltd., we conduct certification with accreditation in the field of management systems:

– Scope of  LMS accreditation no. MSCB-132

– PCC as an official representative of the LMS

Accreditation is the formal recognition by an independent body, known as an accreditation body, that a certification body operates according to international standards.
PCC-Cert had been accredited ever since the year 2001.

The benefits of cooperation with an accredited certification body, such as PCC-Cert:

✓ international acceptance of our certificates
✓ accredited certification companies being more reliable and trustworthy than their counterparts
providing reliable information, allowing companies and businesses to act on it


PCC-Cert also possesses an ACCREDIA accreditation, relevant specifically for the Italian market, in the area of construction: EA 28.