ISO 27001

Information – an integral part of business

In this time and age it is difficult to imagine a company without information technology.
It is well worth the effort to provide the company with a coherent, logical and comprehensive method of managing these resources.

The Information Security Management System is a set of requirements that allows creation, implementation, maintenance and improving of any company policies related to information.

The benefits of acting in accordance with ISO standards 27001:

✓ establishment of safety measures for IT resources
✓ improvement of the ability to control threats
✓ reduction of the amount of errors
✓ minimizing costs through the implementation of transparent and optimized structures
✓ increasing the information security awareness of your employees
✓ achieving compliance with the international standards
✓ reassuring the customers and business partners that their sensitive data is protected.

Having a certified Environmental Management System is a confirmation that data availability and protection are important for the organization.

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