ISO 14001

The natural environment – we borrow it to pass it on to the next generation.

The Environmental Management System is an answer to the challenges of the modern world and modern ecology.
Possessing an “alive” environmental system supports the efforts to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
The goal of the system is to improve the long term ecological balance of the company.

The benefits of acting in accordance with the standards of ISO 14001:

✓ the company’s adaptation to the existing environmental protection laws
✓ reducing the risk of crises
✓ less wastes and effluents through a better waste management practice
✓ reducing energy consumption related costs (eg. administrative penalties)
✓ increasing the environmental awareness of your employees
✓ keeping up a good track record of the company in the public eye and in the opinion of potential business partners.

Having a certified Environmental Management System is a confirmation that environmental protection is important for the organization.

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