PCC-Cert – a modern organization that embraces tradition.

Polskie Centrum Certyfikacji PCC-Cert Ltd was established in 2001 as a response to market demand.
We are an entirely Polish company, built from scratch with Polish capital. 12.11.2015 we change into a PCC-CERT Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Our Mission: To support the managements of our customers, to help them build ever more optimized structures and organizations in accordance with the international standards. To conduct certification smoothly through providing professional, high-quality services within the agreed upon time frame, in correspondence to the ever more demanding requirements of the modern market.

Vision: PCC-Cert is a modern, information-based company. Our high-quality service is ensured by the accreditations we possess. Our services are appreciated domestically and internationally. We are also active in the Internet.mapka 2

We at PCC-Cert share our know how.
We have developed branch offices throughout Europe; as of now we possess subcontractors in Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia.

Besides our main field of expertise, which is the certification of management systems, PCC-Cert continously engages in projects meant to further the overall development of quality and improvement systems.
We support learning. We sponsor conferences and the publications of university students and employees.
We also conduct research projects in order to better assist our customers in the development of their businesses. The effects of our work can be found on the pages of professional magazines, such as “Problemy Jakości”(“The Problems of Quality”).

For example, one of the widely acclaimed endeavours our company had undertaken was a project dedicated to the public sector institutions:
“Urząd przyjazny klientom, czyli piąta gwiazdka za jakość usług”(“The customer-friendly office, or the five-star quality of service”). Multiple public administrative units had joined and assisted us in our research, including, but not limited to the Oleśno Inland Revenue Department, the Opatów Town Hall and Commune Office, the Konin District Authority Office, the Bieruń District Authority Office, the Ostrów Wielkopolski Town Hall and the Kalisz Town Hall. We remain exceptionally grateful for their contribution. A similar project had been conducted in order to support the health care system: “Jakość usługi z perspektywy klienta na przykładzie badań w sektorze usług medycznych”(“Quality of service from the customer’s point of view as evidenced in the research concerning the medical service sector”). We would like to express our utmost gratitude to all of the numerous contributors.

Policy of PCC impartiality